Andy Morrison

Andy Morrison

Dr Andy Morrison

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics


In 2007, Andy graduated with a BA(Hons) from the University of Birmingham. In 2010, he completed a part-time MSc in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics. His final thesis concerned the age-related changes in hip and lumbar spine coordination in the golf swing. In 2016, Andy completed his PhD at the University of Ulster entitled "Golf Coaching-Biomechanics Interface". His research focused investigating golf coaches opinions of biomechanics and their method of analysing the golf swing. He subsequently conducted research based on the needs of coaches. This included investigating the relationship between the swing plane and impact characteristics of the club head, and the use of motor abundance in the golf swing.

Andy has worked with the Essex Golf Union, English Golf Union, the Golfing Union of Ireland, Professional Golfers Association and the R&A. Andy has also worked with world leading athletes striving to improve performance.