Nick Wheelhouse

Nick Wheelhouse

Dr Nick Wheelhouse



I am currently working as a Lecturer in Microbiology within the School of Applied Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University. I started my academic career started as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Pathology at Edinburgh University before moving to the Moredun Research Institute where he worked as a Senior Postdoctoral Scientist focusing my research into the effects of infections which cause reproductive complications in both humans and livestock. In my current post I have started several active multi-disciplinary research programs in the diagnosis, immunopathogenesis, and epidemiology of infection involving multiple partner organisations including including The Centre for Reproductive Health, at the University of Edinburgh, NHS Lothian and the Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow.




  • Pathogens & disease
  • Veterinary Immunology & Immunopathology
  • Veterinary Journal
  • Veterinary Record
  • Veterinary Microbiology
  • Chemistry & Biology
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Microbes & infection
  • PeerJ
  • BMC Veterinary Research
  • Veterinary Pathology


Public Engagement Activity

  • NSA National Event 2010
  • NSA Scotsheep 2011
  • Royal Highland Show 2010
  • Royal Highland Show 2013
  • Royal Highland Show 2011
  • National Sheep Association (NSA) Scotsheep 2010
  • Moredun Animal Health Roadshow (Peebles) 2011


Invited Speaker

  • Sheep Veterinary Society meeting, Jersey 2010 ‘Evidence of Chlamydophila abortus vaccine strain 1B as a possible cause of ovine enzootic abortion’
  • Global Research Alliance on climate change meeting Reading, June 2015. ‘Investigations into novel pathogens associated with bovine reproductive failure’.
  • FACCE JPI MACSUR LiveM meeting Potsdam, June 2016 'Animal Health and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Network: Achievements and Future'


Media Activity

  • The Sheep Farmer March/ April 2012 ‘Controlling chlamydial abortion’
  • The Sheep Farmer July/Aug 2010 ‘Chlamydial abortion’
  • The Crofter Issue 88 Aug 2010 ‘Controlling chlamydial abortion in sheep’
  • ‘Chlamydial infection of sheep an infectious cause of prenatal lamb death’


Editorial Activity

  • Editorial Board Member 'Heliyon' Elsevier
  • Editorial Board Member 'Frontiers in Microbiology'


Advisory panels and expert committees/witness

  • International External advisor for the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (INTA) in Argentina (2015-)


Membership of Professional Body

  • Member of the Royal Society of Biology


Current Post Grad projects