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A definition and valuation of the UK offsite construction sector.

  The offsite construction sector is now established as a significant contributor to the delivery of UK
construction industry output. The exact value of this contribution is questionable and has been subject to
substantial debate in recent literature. Existing offsite construction sector valuation methodologies have been
based upon market research questionnaires and estimates of turnover and manufacturing output. Considerable
attention has been given to the definition of the terms used to describe the various constituent technologies
and manufacturing processes. However there has been limited reference to its size, sector classification,
employment statistics and value added to the UK gross domestic output. A method is presented for the
determination of the UK offsite construction sector gross output and value added. Historical data for
the period 1998 to 2008 with growth forecasts up to 2013 are offered. A breakdown of the sector, examining
the common standard industrial activity classification codes (SIC), the gross output and value added for each
sub-sector is provided. The results show that there has been significant underestimation of the gross output
and value added when compared to previous studies. An understanding of the broad and diverse nature of the
offsite construction sector is provided with data that demonstrate an overview of the sector’s historical
performance. The data will assist government and industry in benchmarking, market research and forecasting
the further growth and diffusion of offsite construction techniques.
Offsite construction, prefabrication, gross output, value added.

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    31 July 2010

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    Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

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Taylor, M. D. (2010). A definition and valuation of the UK offsite construction sector. Construction Management and Economics. 28, 885-896. doi:10.1080/01446193.2010.480976. ISSN 0144-6193



Offsite construction; prefabrication; gross output; value added;

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