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EURAMP (European Ramp Metering Project). Deliverable 6.3: Evaluation results.

  This deliverable presents the Evaluation Results for the demonstration of [motorway] ramp metering strategies in EURAMP.

Demonstrations were conducted in Munich, Utrecht, Paris and Tel Aviv with a range of different ramp metering algortithms and strategies.

The impact and socio-economic assessment showed that ramp metering could improve travel times and benefits over the No Control base case in Paris and Tel Aviv, while in Utrecht ramp delays outweighed the time advantages achieved on the motorway. In all cases, where benefits could be achieved, they led to very high cost-benefit ratios of uo to 10.3.

From the various control strategies used, the Coordinated Strategy showed the best results. [In] a comparison bewteen the 1 car-per-green and the 2 car-per-green metering strategy used in Utrecht, 2 cars-per-green showed the better results in four out of five cases.

The safety assessment could not show an accident reduction in Utrecht, while the risk analysis carried out by INRETS showed a significant improvement.

User acceptance was high for both operators and the general public.

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    Project Report

  • Date:

    08 October 2007

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    IST 2002 23110 European Ramp Metering Project: Contract 507645

  • Funders:

    European Community, Information Society Technologies Programme (1998-2002)


Bielefeldt, C., Ben Shabat, E., Condie, H., Rotem, A., Haj-Salem, H., Ramananjaona, C., …Ernhofer, O. (2007). EURAMP (European Ramp Metering Project). Deliverable 6.3: Evaluation results.



Ramp metering; Motorway access; Traffic control; Field trials; Assessment;

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