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Fast conversion for large Canonical OR-coincidence functions.

  Fixed Polarity Canonical OR-coincidence (COC) expansions based on inclusive-OR and OR operations are dual forms of fixed polarity Reed-Muller expansions. Traditionally, they are obtained from maxterms of Canonical Products-of-sum (CPOS) expansions. Two conversion methods are proposed for generating fixed poloarity COC expansions. The first proposed method called maxterm method is based on traditional maxterm method. Fast conversion speed is achieved after the coefficients were divided into several segments to reduce the duplication of the calculation. The second proposed method called minterm method generates fixed polarity COC expansions directly from Programmable Logic Array (PLA) files. The minterm method can on average achieve 37.5% speed improvement over the maxterm method. Both algorithms outperform published work significantly.


Yang, M., Wang, L. Y. & Almaini, A. E. A. (2006). Fast conversion for large Canonical OR-coincidence functions. doi:10.1109/APCCAS.2006.342080



Digital circuits; Canonical OR-coincidence; Conversions methods; Conversion speed; Electronics design automation; Computer logic; Minterm; Programmable Logic Array; Reed-Muller expansions; Speed improvement;

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