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Higher order sliding mode control of a diesel generator set - performance test and comparison.

  Diesel engines are used as prime movers and independent power sources in many applications
because of their advantages in terms of fuel e�ciency, robustness and reliability. This paper
presents the results of isochronous speed controller design and experimental analysis of robustness
and e�ciency of a turbocharged diesel generator set (genset). The steady state performance and
transient response of the genset speed utilizing second-order sliding mode techniques with a super
twisting sliding mode control algorithm are assessed. The algorithm does not require the time derivative
of the sliding variable. It only uses the measured genset speed and does not require the use of
an observer. A modi�cation made to the algorithm shows improvement of the genset performance
over a wide operating envelope. The in�uence of this methodology and modi�cation of the algorithm
on overall generator performance, in particular in the presence of large load changes and in terms
of fuel e�ciency, exhaust emissions, starting speed transient response and steady speed variation, are
assessed. An algorithm for tuning the higher-order sliding mode (HOSM) controller for the genset
is established and presented. The robustness of the controller is investigated and the performance is
compared with that obtained by a commercial genset controller and a classical proportional-integral

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    31 May 2003

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    Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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Goh, K. B., Spurgeon, S. K. & Jones, N. B. (2003). Higher order sliding mode control of a diesel generator set - performance test and comparison. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering. 217, 229-241. doi:10.1177/095965180321700305. ISSN 0959-6518



sliding mode control; tuning algorithm; diesel generator; computer programming; electrical engineering;

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