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Hong Kong design and Sino-American trade negotiations.

  My article considers how ‘originality and imitation’ in design is perceived as an intrinsic quality, but may be better understood as a relative quality when viewed from the perspective of trade negotiations between developed and developing economies. Here, US National Archives / UK Public Record Office trade archives 1950-1960 are paralleled with more recent Sino-American trade tensions. The article concludes by arguing the circumstances under which formerly ‘imitative’ products are later perceived to be ‘original’.

  • Type:

    Book Chapter

  • Date:

    30 November 2003

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  • Publisher

    Oxford (Asia)


Turner, M. (2003). Hong Kong design and Sino-American trade negotiations. In Law, K. & Lee, K. (Eds.). The Economy of Hong Kong in Non-Economic Perspectives, 130-141. Oxford (Asia). ISBN 0-19-592966-7



trade archives; Sino-American trade; originality and imitation; US National Archives; UK Public Record Office; intrinsic quality;

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