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Job search success and employability in local labour markets.

  This paper considers the relationship between an unemployed person’s employability and job search success. Using a broad employability framework (covering individual, personal and external demand, and other factors) the paper considers a range of demand and supply factors, that were generally identified in applied and theoretical literature, that influence success in getting employment. The model is then used to consider the competing efficient metropolitan labor market and the local labor demand hypotheses in terms of the importance for this sample of skills mismatch and spatial mismatch. The findings suggest that professional qualifications, “soft” verbal skills and using speculative applications to employers were significantly associated with job search success. Length of unemployment, age, and having last worked in a manual occupation were negatively associated with job success, the latter decreasing the odds of getting a job to around thirty percent, suggesting difficulties in occupational “switching” for many job seekers. Higher academic qualifications were also significantly negative, as were those claiming that promotion chances will influence their reservation wage. The geographic accessibility to local jobs was significantly and positively associated with job search success. The results suggest that a range of employability factors and both skills mismatch and spatial mismatch are important in explaining job search success. The degree of “skills” or “spatial” mismatch in a local labor market will be contingent upon the characteristics of the local economy, employers, job seekers and the jobs being considered

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    01 June 2006

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    HD Industries. Land use. Labor


McQuaid, R. W. (2006). Job search success and employability in local labour markets. Annals of Regional Science. 40, 407-421. doi:10.1007/s00168-006-0065-7. ISSN 14320592


Unemployment; Employability; labor market; Job seekers; skill mismatch; spacial mismatch; local economy;

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