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Moving around: the psychology of transport

  Why do we move around at all? Because we can, because we have to, because we like to is the simplest formulation dividing out the different kinds of motive forces driving travel behaviours and transport choices. All life forms move, even if only to orient daily towards the sun while remaining rooted in the earth. Animal life typically requires movement for sustenance, shelter and mate selection to enhance individual and species survival.
One corollary of this formulation is that if we want to change individual travel behaviour we will need to vary the travel opportunities, lifestyle obligations and/or personal inclinations shaping an individual’s activity space. Varying the infrastructure by making it more intelligent, for example, will affect the interactions within and between these three factors.
The relatively new field of transport psychology looks at psychological factors influencing travel and transport choices and behaviours. This brief review draws on a partial selection of recent research from this field to illustrate three axioms likely to apply in the introduction of intelligent infrastructure technologies to facilitate or constrain moving around

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Stradling, S. G. (2005). Moving around: the psychology of transport



psychology of transport; travel behaviour; transport choices; intelligent infrastructure; travel opportunities;

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