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Social entrepreneurship and local economic development

  Social entrepreneurs can have an important role in the development of local communities. They effectively lead innovative and entrepreneurial changes in social organisations or arenas, with not-for-profit motives. Social entrepreneurs: focus upon social issues; systematically apply new perspectives and innovations to relevant opportunities; and change what their organisation produces, how the services are produced and/or how their organisations operate. This paper discussed the characteristics and behaviour of social entrepreneurs. It argues that they have an important role in creating social capital, which is important in urban regeneration and local economic development. It also considers how social entrepreneurs can bridge social and commercial objectives through business organisations such as community businesses or co-operatives. As social entrepreneurs can be seen as a form of behaviour, those working in business or other areas may act as social entrepreneurs when acting in their individual capacity

  • Date:

    22 November 2002

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McQuaid, R. W. (2002). Social entrepreneurship and local economic development


social entrepreunerships; local economic development; regional studies; local communities; not-for-profit; social capital;

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