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Supporting children and families facing death of a parent: part 1.

  The aim is to present findings from a review of key literature and from a scoping of current provision of support for children facing the death of a parent. A summary of the findings from these is reported here.

The methodology involved setting out the background and context to evaluation of a new service aimed at supporting children and families facing the loss of a parent from cancer. Key literature was reviewed and a scoping of current bereavement support for children and families was conducted using online searching, telephone and face-to-face communications.

The review processes uncovered a range of national
and local bereavement services. Bereavement was reported as a normal life event and part of human experience. Health, education and social services personnel need to respond to individual needs, accepting that not all bereaved children require complex, longterm

At national and global levels there was recognition that the needs of bereaved children require careful assessment.
A complex range of initiatives have been developed across the UK aimed at supporting children facing the death of a family member. The fragmented nature of provision makes it difficult to be comprehensive or all-inclusive when describing service provision in this area.

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    30 November 2007

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    MA Healthcare Ltd.

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Kennedy, C., McIntyre, R., Worth, A. & Hogg, R. (2007). Supporting children and families facing death of a parent: part 1. International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 14, 162-168. ISSN 13576321


Bereavement; Grief; Children; Support required; Survey; Support services; Nursing; Literature review;

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