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Techniques for dual forms of Reed-Muller expansion conversion.

  Dual forms of Reed-Muller (DFRM) are implemented in OR/XNOR forms, which are based on the features of coincidence operation. Map folding and transformation techniques are proposed for the conversion between Boolean and DFRM expansions. However, map techniques can only be used for uo to 6 variables. To overcome the limitation, serial tabular technique (STT) and parallel tabular technique (PTT) are proposed. STT deals with one variable at a time while PTT generates terms in parallel. Both tabular techniques outperform published work significantly in terms of conversion time. Methods based on on-set canonical sum-of-products minterms and canonical product-of-sums maxterms are also investigated.


Yang, M., Wang, L. Y., Tong, J. R. & Almaini, A. E. A. (2007). Techniques for dual forms of Reed-Muller expansion conversion. Integration, the VSLI Journal. 41, 113-122. doi:10.1016/j.vlsi.2007.02.001



Computer logic; Computer applications; Boolean algebra; Mathematical transformations;

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