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The VoIP intrusion detection through a LVQ-based neural network.

  Being a fast-growing Internet application, Voice over Internet Protocol shares the network resources with the regular Internet traffic. However it is susceptible to the existing security holes of the Internet. In this paper, a highly effective VoIP intrusion detection approach based on LVQ neural network is proposed. This detection approach is particularly suitable for protecting VoIP applications, in which various protocols are involved to provide IP telephony services. Experiments of the proposed approach show promising detection accuracy and a low runtime impact on the perceived quality of voice streams.

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    Conference Paper (unpublished)

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Zheng, L. & Peng, T. The VoIP intrusion detection through a LVQ-based neural network.. Paper presented at The 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, London, UK. (Unpublished)



Voice over Internet Protocol; internet; security; LVQ neural network; detection; voice streams; runtime impact;

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