Scotland's inspiring capital - Edinburgh

Discover one of Europe's most inspiring cities - we're sure the 100,000 students who live here would agree!


Living costs


Working out how much you'll need to live in Edinburgh while studying will vary depending on your priorities, but there are some things everyone will need to budget for.


Here's a rough guide to what you can expect to pay each month as a student in Edinburgh.



Rent or mortgage (see costs for University-managed accommodation) £420
Food £130
Heating & lighting £30
Telephone & internet £30
Travel (Bus pass) £40
Clothing & toiletries £70
Social & sports £150
TV license £12
Insurance £8
Average monthly costs £890



Students are exempt from council tax unless you live with other adults that are not students - but you have to tell the Council so they won't send you a bill.


For international students, the Uniaid International Student Calculator can help you to work out how your funding compares with the cost of travelling to and living in Edinburgh.


If you need a hand in preparing a realistic budget, or any other aspect of money management, financial advice and debt counselling is available from the Independent Student Advice Service at Napier Students' Association.