We are now accepting applications for accommodation in September 2015.

We have around 1,500 bed spaces for 2015/16.  We guarantee an offer of accommodation to eligible students who apply before the guarantee date of noon on 19 August 2015.  You will need to hold an unconditional firm offer before you can apply.  

You will also need your Edinburgh Napier Number, this will be on your offer email/letter from the University.  If you don't have it, you can look it up here using your UCAS code

Rent ranges from £105 - £143 per week depending on allocation, and covers heating, electricity, internet and basic contents insurance. 

Accommodation offered

If the University portfolio of accommodation is full, we will offer you a place in carefully selected third-party accommodation, which may be more expensive than our advertised rents.

If you refuse this offer of accommodation, we will not be able to offer you alternative accommodation. We reserve the right to modify these arrangements as we deem appropriate, without notice.  

Win a year's free accommodation - visit our Competition page for more details.

​Get to know the Edinburgh Napier students featured in our video

Pervisha Kesevan
Course: MSc Biomedical Science
Top tips for new students: Never give up in whatever you are doing and always remember every downfall of a student is a step to success. Napier University has the most understanding and helpful lecturers who will guide you every step of the way, so the only matters needed are your own efforts and success is yours!
Next step: After completing my Masters the next step is to get a proper job in Singapore where good research laboratory opportunities awaits with a promising future. Hopefully I will then apply for PhD in the field I desire to go even further towards the developing world of biomedical science.
Georgi Karapeev
Course: Digital Media Global                                                                                                                                                                 
Top tips for new students: Make sure you find a good balance between uni work and your actual professional experience: both are important, but different. Find out what is the life you would like to lead and what personal skills and qualities you will need for that. Know what you want to study and find a way to do it. You wouldn’t believe how many opportunities you can find if you’re just brave enough.
Next step: It’s an intense time for me. I’m letting go of all the burden I’ve been taught to carry. I'm developing as a personality and investing time in progressing in the areas of sport, art and spiritual growth. Uni wise, I am going on an exchange in Germany for a semester.
Gloria, Cheung Wing Yee
Course: Tourism and Airline Management
Top tips for new students: Don't be shy about meeting new people and making more friends. Work-life balance is very important at university. Therefore, it is essential to have a good time management! Work hard, play hard!
Next step: After two amazing years of university life, I have finally graduated this summer. My life has turned into a new chapter and now I am excited at the prospect of a graduate job. Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to participating to an internship in Macau city. To me, completing my bachelor degree is not the end of my studies. After gaining a few more years experience, I will return to university for more studying. And hopefully I will come back to Edinburgh Napier. 
Kathryn Rezai   
Course: BA (Hons) Marketing Management with Consumer Studies (graduated July 2014)                                                 
Top tips for new students: Enjoy Edinburgh - it is a beautiful city with lots of exciting things to experience. In your first year you should not only focus on the start of your career, but also enjoy your surroundings. Having lived here for four years, I am planning to stay for many more. It really is a perfect city to both study and reside in. As for study life I recommend you take advantage of the facilities and services Edinburgh Napier provides. There are a variety of academic, career-building and professional development sessions available, and all are paramount to excelling in your career path.
Next step: From working as Programme Rep for the Napier Students Association, to working as a Student Ambassador, and Senior Resident for student accommodation, as well as securing a work experience placement in year three, it is safe to say that Edinburgh Napier has developed my skillset and experience to a great extent. I have always had a great interest in both education and marketing, and the teaching excellence at Edinburgh Napier has inspired me to pursue a career in lectureship.
Name: Onyebuchiibie Chinwuba
Course: LLB (Graduate Entry)
Top tips for new students: Do not let only the University to pass through you, rather strive to also pass through the University. It is totally worth it!
Next step: To excel in my diploma exams, and become a solicitor.