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A 1 x 8 Linear Ultra-Wideband Phased Array With Connected Dipoles and Hyperbolic Microstrip Baluns
  A 1×8 linear single polarized ultra-wideband connected dipole phased array with wide angle scan range is proposed. The dipoles in the array are connected with each other in E-plane to improve the impedance matching on the low end of the frequency band. The frequency band and the scan range in E-plane is 2~9 GHz for broadside radiation, 2~8 GHz for 30° scan, 2~7 GHz for 45° scan, and 2~6.5 GHz for 60° scan. The VSWR is better than 2.0 across the frequency band from 2 to 9 GHz for broadside radiation and the cross-polarization level is below -10 dB. A hyperbolic microstrip balun is used as an impedance transformer to connect the 50 Ω SMA connector to a 150 Ω broadband dipole in an array. The structure of this antenna is totally planar and low profile, thus it is made easy to integrate with the PCB boards. To eliminate the surface wave blindness, no other dielectric layer is used in the array. The proposed balun supports common mode (CM) current and the radiation of this CM current cancels the radiation of the dipole in some frequency for a certain scan angle, this results in feed blindness. Adding H-plane PEC walls decreases the feed blindness frequency in the design.

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    06 September 2018

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    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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    TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering

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    621.384 Radio & Radar

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    Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Natural Science Foundation of China


He, R., Zhang, H., See, C. H., Su, Y., Ma, Y., Kong, D., …Abd-Alhameed, R. (2018). A 1 x 8 Linear Ultra-Wideband Phased Array With Connected Dipoles and Hyperbolic Microstrip Baluns. IEEE Access, 6, 52953-52968.



Connected dipole , feed blindness , hyperbolic microstrip balun , H-plane PEC walls , low profile array , ultra-wideband array , wide-angle scanning array,

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