Short Courses

Enhance your business expertise with our online short courses.

Our changing world creates new demands on managers and leaders in all sectors, making it essential to keep developing your personal skills and understanding of current issues to be successful.

With an online short course, you can test out your business ideas, understand how to make the most of your data, or learn to lead your organisation through change, all from home.

A limited number of places are available with full funding from the Scottish Funding Council, to support applicants from Scotland and the EU to realise their potential. Free places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Find your course below and apply today:

Business Start-up Bootcamp

Grow your big idea into a business.

Business Simulation

Find out what it takes to make your business a success.

Creating Business Excellence & Marketing

Hone in on what matters most to drive the success of your business and attract customers.

Organisational Change & Management

Learn to manage change and create a thriving organisational culture.

Data Management & Processing

Optimise your process to harness the power of data.

Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Explore leadership strategies to foster innovation in your organisation.

We’ve built our programme around courses that are directly connected to the current needs of industry, and the skills we know are highly valued by employers.