Research conducted at Edinburgh Napier University brings together our academic staff, students and external partners to solve real-world problems, influence policy and deliver positive societal change.

We use our expertise to find ingenious ways forward and work to develop non-traditional partnerships beyond the education sphere.

Explore our research repository and our impact case studies below for a closer look at what we are doing, or find out what our different schools and research centres are focusing on.


The Edinburgh Napier Repository is an Open Access showcase for our research outputs.

Impact case studies

Research by School

Within Edinburgh Napier, our research spans the full range of academic subjects and vocational fields covered by the university. An overview of current school research as well as specific research groups and projects can be found in each of the University’s five schools: 

Our research centres

Our Research Centres bring together academic staff, students and our external partner organisations in a united mission to solve real-world problems, influence policy, and deliver positive impact on a local, national and global scale.

Research explorer tool

The research explorer tool is a comprehensive, searchable database of all our research activity