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A General Model for the Answer-Perturbation Techniques
  Answer-perturbation techniques for the protection of statistical databases have been previously introduced (Luchian and Stamate, 1992); they are flexible (perturbation kept under control), modular (do not interact with the DBMS) techniques, which compare favorably to previous protection techniques. In this paper, we generalise the answer-perturbation techniques w.r.t. the operation used for modifying the exact answers (thus enhancing the level of protection). Experimental results are also included; they indicate statistical soundness of our techniques.

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    06 August 2002

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    IEEE Computer Society Press

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    Historic Funder (pre-Worktribe)


Stamate, D., Luchian, H., & Paechter, B. (2002). A General Model for the Answer-Perturbation Techniques. In Seventh International Working Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management. , (90-96).



scientific database managementstatistical database managementissdbmieeestatistical computing

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