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A Novel Prediction-Based Temporal Graph Routing Algorithm for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks
  Temporal information is critical for routing computation in the vehicular network. It plays a vital role in the vehicular network. Till now, most existing routing schemes in vehicular networks consider the networks as a sequence of static graphs. We need to find an appropriate method to process temporal information into routing computation. Thus, in this paper, we propose a routing algorithm based on the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and temporal graph, namely, PredictionBased Temporal Graph Routing Algorithm (PT-GROUT). This new algorithm considers the vehicular network as a temporal graph, in which each data transmission as an edge has its specific temporal information. To better capture the temporal information, we select Software-Defined Vehicular Network (SDVN) as our network architecture, which is a preferred architecture for processing the temporal graph regarding the vehicular network since all vehicle statuses can be easily managed. To compute the future routing path accurately and efficiently, the future temporal graph is predicted by applying HMM, in which we model the current vehicular network with dynamic programming and greedy strategies. With the temporal information and reasonable setting of HMM, PT-GROUT can better evaluate the vehicular network and discover the evolution of the internal structure of the network. The optimal routing path can be achieved more efficiently. The simulation results demonstrate that PT-GROUT can substantially improve the computation efficiency and reduce packet loss and delivery delay compared with its counterparts.

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    13 November 2021

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    National Natural Science Foundation of China


Zhao, L., Li, Z., Al-Dubai, A., Min, G., Li, J., Hawbani, A., & Zomaya, A. (2022). A Novel Prediction-Based Temporal Graph Routing Algorithm for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 23(8), 13275-13290.



vehicular ad hoc networks, routing, software-defined vehicular networks, hidden markov model, temporal graph

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