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A reliable route repairing scheme for internet of vehicles
  Recently, Internet of Vehicles (IoVs) has been recognised as a key solution for vehicular communications. Connected vehicles and infrastructure' roadside units have been shaping the underlying architecture of IoVs technology, where the conventional routing protocols cannot facilitate reliable and efficient communication for dynamic IoVs topologies. Hence, this technology is highly susceptible to frequent network fragmentations, thus exposing communication channels to regular failure problems. This paper, thus, introduces a novel routing repair strategy, referred as Reliable Route Repairing Strategy (RRRS) to tackle routing failure problems. Repairing the operation of channel communications is prioritised according to a stability degree of the connected vehicles. The RRRS features are combined with the traditional AOMDV protocol, and a comparison study has been conducted to compare the AOMDV, the RRRS-AOMDV and the HM-AOMDV protocols. The simulation results demonstrate that the RRRS-AOMDV achieves better performance, about 30% to 45% in terms of packets overhead and latency.

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    30 September 2019

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Banikhalaf, M., Manasrah, A. M., AlEroud, A. F., Hamadneh, N., Qawasmeh, A., & Al-Dubai, A. Y. (2019). A reliable route repairing scheme for internet of vehicles. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, 61(3),



IoVs, internet of vehicles, IoT, internet of things, AOMDV, ad hoc on demand multiple path distance vector, broken links

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