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An Investigation of Passive Cooling in a Building in Malaysia
  In hot humid countries like Malaysia, a comfortably thermal environment is what people look for. To achieve such conditions, a technique called passive cooling must be the optimal choice. Many other techniques have been investigated over the years and those have been rendered almost inefficient and ineffective. Looking into passive cooling, Natural ventilation is said to be the most effective strategy in such climatic conditions. This research is based on a Four-Story office building, designed in Malaysia, meant to achieve a thermal comfort environment using Passive Cooling techniques. It was studied thoroughly, researched, in a manner that all the information regarding the methods of how to implement a passive cooling environment such as thermal comfort, climate, ventilation and insulation, etc. were explored. Later the results were calculated and analyzed by a process named convection heat transfer rates from a human body and other machined equipment. Nevertheless, the theory and calculations were made for a clear understanding.

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    31 December 2020

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    Historic Funder (pre-Worktribe)


Kashem, S. B. A., Chowdhury, M., Khandakar, A., Tabassum, M., Ashraf, A., & Ahmed, J. (2020). An Investigation of Passive Cooling in a Building in Malaysia. International Journal of Technology, 1(2), 4-27



Natural Ventilation, Thermal Mass, Green Roof, Passive cooling, climate, insulation

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