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Analysing and interpreting the concerns data of people at end of treatment. Glass half empty or half full?
  Background: Macmillan Cancer Support National Programme of Transforming Care after Treatment in Scotland (TCAT) has funded the implementation of 25 local projects, each with different approaches to redesigning care after treatment, in primary, secondary and tertiary settings.
Methods: A realistic/appreciative inquiry evaluation by Edinburgh Napier University has analysed quantitative data, from 536 individuals who completed a Holistic Needs Assessment Concerns Checklist, at the end of active treatment from five NHS Boards. Data include age, gender, cancer type, time from diagnosis, consultation timing, location, patient performance status and physical, emotional, practical and lifestyle concerns.
Results: Interim results from breast, prostate, colorectal, melanoma and mixed cancer groups, follow-up approaches illustrate how the context of the follow-up interventions, the circumstances of the individual patient and the concerns reported, need to be appreciated all together. This will enable better understanding of how opportunities in service provision, in this changing landscape, can be implemented to improved outcomes for individuals living with and beyond cancer.
Conclusion: Our interim results raise the following questions, which require substantive research and evidence based answers in order to demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness of new follow-up models. What is the impact of the actual service design and means of delivery on outcomes and experiences? What is the role of the professional in assessments at end of treatment?

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    16 March 2017

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    MacMillan Cancer Support


Campbell, K., & Johnston, L. (2017, March). Analysing and interpreting the concerns data of people at end of treatment. Glass half empty or half full?. Poster presented at British Psychosocial Oncology Society Annual Conference, Oxford, UK


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