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Audio feedback for Maths tests: Part 2.
  During the academic 2010/2011, audio feedback was trialled on two compulsory maths modules at Edinburgh Napier University – Foundation Mathematics (Year 1) and Intermediate Mathematics (Year 2). Feedback was provided for two tests for the first year module and three tests for the second year module. There were 30 students taking Foundation Maths and 22 taking Intermediate Maths and the audio feedback was given in addition to detailed comments throughout the script. The rationale behind giving audio feedback was that the students were only allowed to look at their marked scripts during class and were not allowed to keep hold of them.

The response from the students was extremely positive and so audio feedback was provided for the same two modules in the academic year 2011/2012. This time there were 60 students taking Foundation Maths and 54 students taking Intermediate Maths. Each group received audio feedback for 3 tests and the students were also allowed to keep the annotated scripts. It had been supposed that being able to retain the marked script would render the audio files less important, but surprisingly this was not the case. The students still felt that the audio feedback was more memorable, and that it was worth the extra time required to produce the audio files.

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    Conference Paper (unpublished)

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    22 June 2012

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Durkacz, C. A. (2012, June). Audio feedback for Maths tests: Part 2



Maths education; testing; mathematics;

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