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Beyond the mainstream: examining alternative sources for stock selection.
  There are thousands of small publishers, small presses and individuals in Britain
currently producing textbooks, monographs, novels, poetry, journals,
newspapers and other, non-standard, publications. Their output ranges from the
stocklists of such long-standing political publishers as Pluto and Verso, to the
more idiosyncratic and erratic publishers of The Bug and Mark’s Little Book
about Kinder Eggs (of which more later). Political and social commentaries;
humour and satire; poetry and drama; environmental issues; sexual politics:
every topic that might be encountered on the shelves of any library will have its
counterpart in the alternative press. Furthermore, the small presses will often
provide publications on topics never found on library shelves or, for that matter,
never even dreamed of by many people.

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    30 June 1994

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    MCB University Press/ Emerald

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Atton, C. (1994). Beyond the mainstream: examining alternative sources for stock selection. Library Review, 43(4), 57-64.



Alternative journalism; radical media; mainstream publishing; AK press; Counter Productions; anarchism;

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