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Computational analysis of an HCCI engine fuelled with hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide blends
  In the current work, Chemkin Pro's HCCI numerical model is used in order to explore the feasibility of using hydrogen in a dual fuel concept where hydrogen peroxide acts as ignition promoter. The analysis focuses on the engine performance characteristics, the combustion phasing and NOx emissions. It is shown that the use of hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide at extremely fuel lean conditions (φeff = 0.1 − 0.4) results in significantly better performance characteristics (up to 60% increase of IMEP and 80% decrease of NOx) compared to the case of a preheated hydrogen/air mixture that aims to simulate the use of a glow plug. It is also shown that the addition of H2O2 up to 10% (per fuel volume) increases significantly the IMEP, power, torque, thermal efficiency (reaching values more than 60%) while also decreasing remarkably NOx emissions which will not require any exhaust after-treatment, for all engine speeds. The results presented herein are novel and promising, yet further research is required to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed technology.

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    03 February 2022

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    Elsevier BV

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    EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Dimitrova, I. D., Megaritis, T., Ganippa, L. C., & Tingas, E. (2022). Computational analysis of an HCCI engine fuelled with hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide blends. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47(17), 10083-10096.



HCCI, Compression ignition engine, Heavy duty applications, Hydrogen engine, Dual fuel, Emissions

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