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Mobile IP conditional binding update.

  Mobile IP protocols use a correspondent registration
procedure between a Mobile Node (MN) and its Correspondent
Nodes (CNs) to maintain a valid and up-to-date binding
association between MN’s home address and its current care-ofaddress
whenever a handover occurs. This procedure plays a key
role in optimizing the routing path between the two parties by
avoiding any kind of dog-leg routing across the home network or
the previous visited network. However, such a procedure reveals
its inefficiency in multicast communication as multicast sources
do not need to know the identity of multicast receivers and to
interfere with their mobility events. Without an additional
intelligence on Mobile IP entities to assess the nature of the
communication session established with a CN, such behavior
introduces an extra processing and inefficient use of the network
resources for both CN and MN. In an attempt to solve these
problems, we propose a new adaptive solution to enhance Mobile
IP protocols (Mobile IPv4, Mobile IPv6, and Moving Network).
In this regard, we extend Mobile IP specifications with two new
registration schemes: dynamic address update and non-dynamic
address update in response to the multicasting nature of CN.
With these two new schemes, MN and their mobility agents will
be able to sense their communications and distinguish between
multicast and unicast sources and therefore block sending
binding information to multicast sources. We evaluate our
solution by quantifying analytically the gain of the binding
update messages that could be avoided in different mobility management scenarios.

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    Book Chapter

  • Date:

    30 November 2006

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    IEEE Computer Society Press

  • Library of Congress:

    QA75 Electronic computers. Computer science

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    621.3821 Communications networks


Romdhani, I. & Al-Dubai, A. (2006). Mobile IP conditional binding update. In 1st IEEE Workshop on Autonomic Communication and Network Management ACNM-2007, 10th IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Management, 64-70. IEEE Computer Society Press



Mobile IP; IP multicast; handover and binding update:

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