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Stylized Facts on Smart Specialisation Research
  Smart Specialisation has generated a paradigmatic change in regional innovation policies and the European Union has shown a strong interest in supporting research that investigates the developments of this new science-related topic. This paper helps to generate the intellectual capital necessary to support the European Union's project of Smart Specialisation. It explores the dynamic nature of scientific knowledge production dealing with Smart Specialisation by reporting on a bibliometric analysis of the first decade of literature relating to this emerging research field. This analysis captures a number of stylized facts on Smart Specialisation research and renders them in statistical properties which are instrumental in answering the following questions: (1) What is the total and annual production of scientific publications on Smart Specialisation and what are their characteristics in terms of type and influence; (2) How large is the community of researchers and organisations working in this field? (3) What is their influence and productivity? (4) What are the key knowledge producers? (5) What is the core literature published by the research community?

  • Date:

    11 March 2018

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  • Library of Congress:

    H1 Social Sciences (General)

  • Dewey Decimal Classification:

    338 Production

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    European Commission


Mora, L., Deakin, M., & Reid, A. (2018). Stylized Facts on Smart Specialisation Research. In M. Bozina Beros, N. Recker, & M. Kozina (Eds.), Proceedings of the 27th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development, (176-185)



Smart Specialisation; Bibliometrics; Stylized Facts; Core Literature; Key Knowledge Producers

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