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TRUSTEE: Towards the creation of secure, trustworthy and privacy-preserving framework
  Digital transformation is a method where new technologies replace the old to meet essential organisational requirements and enhance the end-user experience. Technological transformation often improvises the manner in which a facility or resources are delivered to the recipient. Data is one of the key assets of every organisation which influences significantly reaching the long-term objective. Thus, the entities, as well as technologies involved in the data management process, have a significant role to play to secure different data types. However, the traditional data governance process often follows a centralised approach and thus resulting in various cyber attacks, whereas the distributed approaches are mostly research prototypes and often comprise various security challenges. Security incidents such as data theft fabricate the integrity of confidential data and thus the consequences are often disastrous. To address the challenges, we introduce TRUSTEE, a data-driven platform which aims to provide a secure and privacy-by-design framework to empower companies, organisations, and individuals to access different data domains, use and re-use the data and metadata to extract knowledge with trust and confidentiality. In this paper, we assess the effectiveness of the platform by reviewing the potential challenges and threats associated with the incorporated technologies. Our research emphasises the efficacy of distributed technologies to indicate their significance in data integrity and security.

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    29 August 2023

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    EU Framework Programme 7 and FP6 and earlier programmes


Sayeed, S., Pitropakis, N., Buchanan, W. J., Markakis, E., Papatsaroucha, D., & Politis, I. (2023). TRUSTEE: Towards the creation of secure, trustworthy and privacy-preserving framework. In ARES '23: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security.



Trust, Distributed Ledger, Security, IPFS, Privacy

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