#iPlay4Peace Concert for Cooperation

Join us on Sunday 11 November 2018 for a concert which will show that, one hundred years on, since the end of World War One, creativity, cooperation and peace will conquer conflict.

Start date and time

Sunday 11 November 2018 1:45 PM

to Sunday 11 November 2018 3:15 PM

Event cost


The anchor concert will take place at Edinburgh Napier University’s Craiglockhart Campus, the site of a former military hospital for shell-shocked officers during World War One, which will include musical performances from George Watsons College Symphony Orchestra and renowned Scottish fiddlers, Thoren Ferguson, Steve Burnett and Lewis Kelly.

In recognition of their bravery and sacrifice as well as the rich body of work left behind by poets from World War One, pupils from Sighthill and Colinton Primary Schools as well as Tynecastle High School will recite the work of renowned poets, Wilfred Owen and Seigfried Sassoon, who received treatment for Shell Shock at Craiglockhart Military Hospital.

Advanced audio-visual streaming technology (LOLA) will be used to project additional performances from Edinburgh Napier University students and pupils from Tynecastle High School to our audience assembled at Craiglockhart Campus from the French Institute and Edinburgh Napier University's Merchiston Campus.

The concert will be streamed live and culminate with a performance of a specially commissioned piece, written by Thoren Ferguson and titled 'Armistice', which will be performed in unison with #iPlay4Peace musicians from across the world using modern technology and social media platforms at 3pm (GMT) and 4pm (CET).

Guests will be invited to join us for a drinks reception following the concert.

For further information, please contact g.seath@napier.ac.uk.

How to get involved

Violinist and poppiesMusicians of all ages and abilities are warmly welcome to join the global orchestra on 11 November using social media platforms and the hashtags #iPlay4Peace#ArmisticeConcert and #Concert4Cooperation. A Facebook page has been established to instil a sense of community as well as a means to post updates and share the Armistice score in PDF format. Listen to or download Armistice in MP3 format.

(Armistice: Play4Peace: A Concert4Cooperation)

Further information concerning the concert at Craiglockhart Campus will be published very soon on this landing page and social media, which will include booking information and performer roster.

For all enquiries, please contact Gary Seath, Community and Partnership Officer, Edinburgh Napier University at g.seath@napier.ac.uk.

Thoren Ferguson, who will lead this concert, playing the Wilfred Owen violin from Edinburgh Napier University’s Craiglockhart Campus said:

"The aim of Armistice is to bring people together across nations through music, to promote peace and reconciliation in our World. Having been involved in WW1 commemorative events for the last 4 years, playing and inspired by the Wilfred Owen violin made by Steve Burnett, we wanted to start a movement that would leave a lasting legacy for the lost generation of WW1, and all wars and conflicts that have followed and still take place today. With the hope that their sacrifice and loss will not be forgotten.

"We believe in the power of music to cross divides and bring people together. I've written a composition, Armistice, which on November 11th 2018, 100 years after Armistice was declared, will be played by musicians across the World. From professional orchestras to solo musicians to school ensembles, we will all play Armistice at 4pm CET for remembrance, peace and reconciliation."

Event instigator Neil McLennan, Senior Lecturer and Director of Leadership Programmes, University of Aberdeen and Wilfred Owen’s Edinburgh 100 Chairman, said:

"The Great War of 1914-1918 was supposed to be the war to end all wars.  We know through history this was not the case.  Through this project we want to show that creativity and cooperation can happen across borders and can conquer conflict.  Scotland will anchor the concert via social media but it will very much so be a crowdsourced global orchestra with players from Shetland to South Africa, Ypres to America."

Professor Andrea Nolan, Principal of Edinburgh Napier University, said:

"The concert will prove a powerful and emotive event where musicians, from across the globe, will play in unison in the spirit of cooperation, commemoration and peace using modern technology. It is a great privilege for Edinburgh Napier University to host the central concert on the afternoon of 11 November from Craiglockhart Campus, the site of a former military hospital which treated shell-shocked officers during World War One, which will serve to bring a rich repertoire of musical talent together for this very special event."

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