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We take an international approach towards healthcare to help students, staff and researchers to better understand global health and social care challenges and improve the lives of people around the world. 


When national organisations need results, they come to us. We take on the challenges and deliver results that directly affect health and social care at a local, national and global level.


Our professors are consulted on major national health projects, and have recently joined forces with the Scottish Association for Mental Health. 

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Do you want to help change the future of healthcare? We’ll arm you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience you need for this ever-changing and diverse industry. You’ll move into a work environment that requires multi-skilled graduates who possess the ability to adapt: we equip you with the experience needed to hit the ground running and be confident when you leave.

Use the dropdown menu to select your preferred course level.

  • Midwifery " class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Nursing Adult " class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Nursing (Child Health) " class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Nursing Mental Health" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Nursing Studies Global Online " class="text-underline">Online learning
  • Advanced Clinical Practice (named speciality)" class="text-underline">Part-time
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Postgraduate Full-time" class="text-underline">Full-time | " class="text-underline">Part-time
  • Clinical Healthcare Technology Postgraduate Online learning" class="text-underline">Online learning
  • Healthcare Management" class="text-underline">Full-time | " class="text-underline" target="_blank">Part-time
  • MBA (Health Management) - MBA" class="text-underline">Online learning
  • Midwifery (Long) FT" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • " class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Nursing (Pre-Registration) Adult Health" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Nursing (Pre-Registration) Mental Health" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration)" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Physiotherapy (Pre-registration)" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Practice Learning (Social Services)" class="text-underline">Part-time
  • Master of Public Health" class="text-underline" target="|Custom">Full-time | " class="text-underline" target="|Custom">Online learning
  • Research Methods in Health Social Care Practice Postgraduate Parttime" class="text-underline">Part-time
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)" class="text-underline">Full-time
  • Careers svg icon careers

    Your degree offers you a world of choice. Many of our graduates find employment within NHS LothianNHS Borders and the private sector. However, you will also be able to work anywhere within the UK, the EU, and even further afield, in some cases. We want you to go out there and make the world a better place.

    Placements svg icon PLACEMENTS

    Our Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre will give you the skills and confidence to master your vocation in a supportive environment. We also work with local authorities, service providers, volunteer organisations and the NHS to help you make contacts in whatever work environment you choose. With flexible study options for those who are already working in a health or social care setting, you can manage your own time building your qualifications on a module-by-module basis, with credits valid for five years.

    Study Abroad svg icon study abroad

    Our students have undertaken placements in Australia and Zambia, and various countries in between. Our undergraduate courses offer a range of volunteering and mobility opportunities, including a long summer holiday in Year 2 to allow for volunteering, and mobility placements outwith Lothian and Borders, or with international organisations, in Year 3.