Sabina turns hair loss into a Degree Show project

Design student hopes her work will help other women with alopecia

Date posted

25 May 2016


Last updated

16 July 2019

Final year graphic design student Sabina Friman turned her battle with alopecia into an impressive Degree Show project.

The 22-year-old initially did her best to hide her hair loss from all but her closest family and friends.

However, she later decided to face up to the auto-immune condition and chose it as the topic for her project.

Sabina, originally from Finland, went on to create a fashion campaign and powerful film.

She said: “One morning I felt a surge of courage. I realised the only way to heal was to face it. I didn’t want to hide what was happening any more.”

Sabina contacted the Alopecia UK charity, who put her in touch with other women who had lost hair, and she listened to their stories.

She realised she could use her project to raise awareness of alopecia and the misery it can cause.

She came up with five interactive items of clothing and accessories, which she felt showed her journey from concealing her alopecia to revealing it.

Sabina made a cape, a dress, a necklace and glasses, and created posters to go with the designs.

She said: “The pieces I have made represent the armour we have to wear in our battle with alopecia, while the film is my story. I hope it will help raise awareness of the condition and help other women.”

Sabina received a grant from the Student Grant Initiative to help towards the cost of materials for the project.

Watch Sabina's film here: