Leann Wilson is starting a new job after completing her studies

Date posted

27 October 2022


A mum of three says her determination to set an example for her children has helped her to graduate from Edinburgh Napier University just months after undergoing thyroid removal surgery.

Leann Wilson has been awarded her BSc degree in IT Management for Business at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall this morning.

The 43-year-old from Stirling initially signed up to the graduate apprentice scheme, allowing her to continue working alongside her studies, so she could change the direction of her career.

After taking several weeks to recover from the procedure, she is now starting work in a new role as IT delivery manager at Sky.

Leann said: “It’s shown my commitment and resilience to complete the degree – despite the challenges which it has thrown up.IT Management for Business graduate Leann Wilson

“I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had to have my full thyroid removed in May this year. I needed time to recover and get back on track. It meant I was going through that period of 'oh god - what if, what if'.

“My approach with everything was one thing at a time, just take baby steps.

“I'm still in a wee bit of shock that I’ve graduated to be honest! I'm giving myself a significant pat on the back. I've done it to show my kids not to give up.”

Leann has paid tribute to her three children, Emma, aged 19, 15-year-old Adam and Cloe 9, for helping her complete her studies, as well as programme leader Jyoti Bhardwaj.

Leann added: “When the opportunity to do this course came up, I grabbed it with both hands. My kids were older, so I had more time to focus on what I want to do.

“I started the degree when I was 39, which is obviously later than many. It was pretty full-on - then obviously the pandemic hit and I had to combine it with home schooling – which was hard going. I think I got through it because I'm so stubborn!

“I previously worked in financial services – and I’m proud to have changed careers just a few years after deciding to make the move.”