Students work at Royal Mail, Aldi and NHS NSS to help with Covid-19 response

Date posted

8 June 2020


Last updated

8 June 2020

Edinburgh Napier students have been playing their part in the country’s Covid-19 response by undertaking placements in key worker roles.

Students across the country have seen their work placement plans affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, a number of Edinburgh Napier students have been able to complete their placements due to their positions being classified as key worker roles.

Key workers have been highly praised throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing essential services to millions of people across the country.

Edinburgh Napier students Euan Milne, Sarah Ferguson and Ella Stewart have been working for Aldi, the Royal Mail and the NHS NSS respectively as part of their 12-month placements.

However, throughout the last three months, they have been recognised as key workers and have been helping these organisations maintain their services across the country.Student Euan Milne

Business Studies with Entrepreneurship student Euan has split his 12-month placement at Aldi between being in-store and working from its Bathgate head office. His time with the company has seen him play a key role in the allocation of Aldi products across Scotland, ensuring customers had access to goods during lockdown.

He said: “When working in my second store I was appointed assistant store manager and took over the store when my manager went on holiday in my final week, taking a greater deal of responsibility on compared to my first store. Having to adapt quickly throughout the day was vital due to the fast-paced, high-pressure working environment.

“This pandemic has enforced major changes on everyone’s lives, therefore I feel very grateful to be able to continue working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Business Studies student Sarah has been undertaking a 12-month placement in a managerial role at Royal Mail. She has played an integral role in allowing her base and dispatch operation to continue to operate throughout the pandemic.Student Sarah Ferguson

She said: “The main changes for me since the pandemic involves ensuring that we meet the social distancing requirements within the workplace. I have felt anxious working throughout the pandemic but also felt it highly rewarding. The main thing I can take from this experience is the ability to remain calm in a difficult situation and environment. This is something that will be easily transferable for my future professional career.”

Computing Science student Ella is currently completing a 12-month placement within NHS NSS. You’d be forgiven for finding working from home quite daunting while you are on placement, but for Ella, it’s been a situation she has embraced.

She said: “I chose to apply for the role with NHS NSS because it seemed like I would gain a lot of experience in different aspects of Business Intelligence. Working from home is a big difference to working in an office surrounded by your colleagues. I have found that I have become much less reliant on help from others and any problems that I encounter I am attempting to solve myself, before turning to others for help.Student Ella Stewart

“Although I am not directly helping those affected by Covid-19 I feel privileged to be able to carry on with my work and help out in a different way.”

The student placements were supported by Edinburgh Napier’s Student Futures team. The Student Futures team provides a range of support to students and recent graduates; from careers and skills development to placements to employer engagement and recruitment opportunities.

Deborah Callister, Edinburgh Napier’s Student Futures Placement Officer Lead, said: “As a University, we’re incredibly proud of the work our students are doing to help the country’s Covid-19 response. The role of key workers has been invaluable to so many up and down the country. We’re delighted that some of our students have been able to combine their learning with supporting local communities at what is a challenging time for all.”