Edinburgh Napier's staff and students to take centre stage at the 2022 Edinburgh Festivals

Date posted

11 August 2022


As the Fringe prepares to return in full force for its 75th anniversary, this year’s performing Edinburgh Napier staff and students will be wrapping up rehearsals and preparing to take centre stage.

If you’re looking to plan your itinerary for the upcoming shows at the Edinburgh Festivals and don’t quite know where to start – you’re in luck, as we’ve crafted a helpful guide for those looking for a bit of festival inspiration.

Edinburgh Napier Acting and Directing students and graduates: Shows for 2022

There’s Nothing Quite Like Spaghetti Bolognese!There’s Nothing Quite Like Spaghetti Bolognese!

There’s nothing quite like Spaghetti Bolognese, the most dazzling bowl of pasta in all your days! Join Penny for an unforgettable dinner in this show that is fun for all the family. A piping-hot piece of brand-new children’s theatre that asks the question: Should you play with your food? And with a saucy dish like Spag Bol, why not? Come along for songs, jokes and dances that are sure to delight your taste buds in this mealtime extravaganza! Shows throughout August.

The Murder Club

Based on true stories, Steve Hennessy’s play follows two inmates at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Richard Prince and Ronald True. Watched on by the frustrated ghost of Olive Young, a prostitute murdered by True, and Jane Coleman, the murder-obsessed warden, Prince attempts to join The Murder Club, a group of the world’s most renowned killers, by performing a play written by True. True manipulates Prince into reliving his victim’s gruesome death and pressures Coleman into indulging in her own sinister urges. Meanwhile, Olive wonders if death is really so bad after all? Shows throughout August.

Crossing the VoidCrossing the Void 

Sally MacAlister collaborates with upcoming theatre company koi collective to premiere a new comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe. Hannah has been dead for a year, and her pals are still struggling to find their feet. Hoping a seance will bring the group together again, the girls toast, celebrate and mourn over a bottle of Bucky. However, ghosts of many forms drift amongst them, secrets hang in the air and lines are crossed that unpick the stitches of their social fabric, revealing the ultimate truth – the group are now no more than strangers. Shows throughout August.

The Weird Sisters

A tale of three Highland sisters who live in a shack in the woods disconnected from society, each of them with different views on how they should be living their lives. Tension between the sisters is high as the play begins. However, when two city dwellers get lost on a country escape and stumble upon their home, have the sisters found what could see them through the winter? The play looks at the role of women in today’s patriarchal society and asks the question: Do they have to become like men to succeed? Shows throughout August.

Tales of Vomit, Trash and Broken GlassTales of Trash

After an ecological disaster unleashes a neurotoxin into the air, two people are thrust into a series of emotionally-charged vignettes, where they are forced to confront both the nature of their relationships and their own paranoid monkey brains. As waste accumulates, themes are recycled and the rules of this hyper-realistic world grow increasingly absurd, the humans, monsters and cyborgs of this play attempt to chart a path forward. Ultimately, Tales explores the parallel between destructive relationships and environmental destruction, asking the question: in a world full of toxicity, how do we heal? Shows throughout August.


Beneath is a dark and absurd commentary on the effects of climate change. Four people: Tess, Jo, Kris and Dani are trapped under 100 metres of water after an environmental catastrophe. After months of just surviving, each character is forced to examine what their options are and what their futures hold while they wait for the world to heal. Shows throughout August.

Born Under a Bad SignBorn under a bad sign

Jez, Luke, Gary and Mark are die-hard football fans podcasting about the club they love: Third-division Invercreiff FC. Only four listeners now, but Jez is determined to make the podcast grow. Meeting after every game to talk football, life and nonsense, they slowly realise that the ties holding them together aren't as strong as they once were. A few broadcasts, a few beers and a few surprising revelations later, the lads begin to wonder: Is football life? Or has their passion for the game blinded them to what's really going on around them? Shows throughout August.

The After-Dinner Joke

'Are you getting political?' The After-Dinner Joke is a kaleidoscope of chaos that follows a well-meaning woman’s journey down the rabbit hole of trials and tribulations of charity work. Thanks to a well-timed hurricane, Selby is able to fulfil her duty in finding a home for the charity money, though she finds this more complicated than she expected. Originally aired in 1978 as part of BBC’s Play for Today series, Caryl Churchill’s satire is as relevant today as it was then. Times change: People do not. Shows throughout August.

Prometheus Bound (Io's Version)Prometheus Bound

Zeus ends the tyrannical reign of the Titans and everything is fine... right? Except Prometheus is in chains for giving humans fire, and one of those humans – Io, her name is Io – is being violated with visions and pursued by hunters, gadflies and gods who keep insisting they’re helping her by giving her horns and bones and… songs? An adaptation of Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound, this version (Io’s Version) feasts on the liver of power and injustice while pecking at the core of what it means to be human (because seriously, we’re all so confused). Shows throughout August.

Sex and Sculpture

The sauciest soirée this summer... Sex and Sculpture is an eccentric and whacky play following the steamy affair of academic Simon Paris and his museum colleague. But why is Simon behaving so strangely? Why won't he leave the British Museum? And what's with all the feather dusting? Find out as Court Jester Theatre spill the tea in this show of conspiracy, intrigue, sex and sculpture. A guaranteed good night out! Shows 15-20, 22-27 August. 

Abigail’s 3rd Birthday PartyAbigail’s 3rd Birthday Party

Napier University Drama Society returns with a comedy special. In the three years since David and Evie accidentally got pregnant after a night out, they and their group of uni friends have all graduated, gone out into the world, and tried – with varying degrees of success – to live functional adult lives. But now – as everyone reluctantly comes together to celebrate David and Evie's daughter turning three – old wounds will reopen, old sparks will rekindle and chaos will ensue. Shows 5-13, 15-20 August.

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas 2022

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas
Clear communication is key to success in everything - personal relationships, education, healthcare, business and politics. Simple language can convey complex ideas and bring people together. It is key to public health (Don’t Drink and Drive) and campaigns (Votes for Women!). Poor communication can lead to relationships breaking down, work being mismanaged and can ultimately cost lives. But is there a downside to clear communication? Join Dr Kyle Andrews (Edinburgh Napier University) to discover what goes wrong when communication is not simple enough… or too simple!

Eco-Nappies are Shit!

Sustainable parenting is on the rise with reusable nappies in demand, but should parents spend all their time cleaning used nappies? Dr Ashleigh Logan-McFarlane (Edinburgh Napier University) questions how eco- (and parent) friendly cloth nappies are. From shackling up to the washing machine in a sordid all-consuming affair to impulsively buying pretty-patterned nappy pants at 3am, are reusable nappies all they’re cracked up to be? Are there more effective, and less unpleasant, ways to be a green parent?

Convicting the Innocent

We all have biases that affect our decision-making, but how would you feel if your decision led to an innocent person being imprisoned? We like to think that we couldn’t be convicted of a crime we didn’t commit but the evidence says otherwise. Research shows that everyday biases can have grave consequences in the criminal justice system. Even experienced police officers and forensic experts can make errors that ruin people's lives. Dr Faye Skelton (Edinburgh Napier University) explores how miscarriages of justice arise and the impact on those affected.

Do Influencers Promote #Selfloathe?

Social media influencers are your celebrities, bloggers, ‘self-made’ experts, or even a former Love Island contestant! They are notorious for promoting their perfect lifestyle and beauteous bodies to millions of followers, showcasing that perfect insta-life. The ‘multi-million’ branded posts of fashion posts, skinny tea, teeth whitening, cosmetic enhancements, contour kits (and more) attract millions of young consumers, inspiring their consumer tastes on a regular basis. Despite the copious #loveyourself trends, self-esteem in young people is at an all-time low. Dr Kat Rezai (Edinburgh Napier University) asks: do influencers promote self-loathe?

Musical Moments

Army at the Fringe - Looking Forward, Looking BackArmy at the Fringe

A concert of contemporary classical chamber music featuring both compositions by musicians who served in the armed forces, and new work composed in response to the works of these civilian-soldier-musicians. Concert produced in collaboration with The Centre for Military Research, Education and Public Engagement at Edinburgh Napier University. Craiglockhart Campus was the site of Craiglockhart War Hospital during the First World War, where some of Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) and Siegfried Sassoon’s (1886-1967) greatest war poetry was inspired and written.

One Week in Magaluf

Napier Musical Theatre Society are back with a hilarious musical comedy. When Amy, Megan, Nicole and Olivia decide to go on a week-long girl’s holiday to Magaluf, some of them are excited for sun, sex and sangria... some of them didn’t quite get the memo. Unexpected announcements, unusual companions and unrealistic expectations cause tension amongst the best friends – will they make it back as a group? Or will the friendship bracelets be torn off before they even get to the airport? With a nostalgic 00s soundtrack, this musical is a hilarious representation of female friendship at its finest. 


Vive le Fringe! 2022 ExhibitionViveLeFringe

Institut Français d'Ecosse is proud of its local partnerships, including those with Scottish universities. This year they submitted a design brief to graphic design students from Edinburgh Napier University, asking them to create posters and brochure covers for their Vive le Fringe! 2022 programme. Among all the incredible designs submitted, they chose Janill Jardiel’s work to be the official visual of Vive le Fringe 2022 Edition. All the posters created by the students will be displayed in the Institute’s ground floor lobby throughout August.

The Poetry of Science

Science poems can communicate important scientific research that is being done daily all across the world. Biology meets balladry, physics encounters pentameter, and chemistry confronts cadence as Dr Sam Illingworth shares an interdisciplinary exploration of scientific research through the medium of poetry.