Merchiston to host Global Game Jam

Enthusiasts will shun sleep to create video games from scratch 

Date posted

25 January 2016


DEDICATED video game fans will showcase their creative skills during a 48-hour marathon event which will see many go without sleep.

Edinburgh Napier is to host the intense contest which will see games created from scratch in the course of a weekend as part of the Global Game Jam.

Screenshot from Street FighterMore than 50 people have already signed up to take part in the event at Merchiston from January 29-31, which is open to anyone with game development skills. Software development experts, artists, musicians and writers are all poised to harness their talents to create memorable games.

The University-based event, which runs from 5pm Friday until 5pm Sunday, will run in tandem with three others in Scotland and 632 across the world.

The Edinburgh participants will be supplied with a list of nearby food and coffee outlets to fuel their brainstorming sessions.

Organiser Sam Serrels said: "The Edinburgh Napier Global Game Jam is a crazy 48-hour weekend of games development.

“Programmers and artists of all backgrounds and capabilities are welcome to take part. It's an exciting opportunity to test your skills and learn from others in the industry.

“It is an intense event and some people do spend the entire 48 hours working. Others tend to go home for sleep at least once.”

The event is billed as a friendly competition, with a vote at the end for the best game, and a great social and learning experience for anyone wanting to get into the games industry.

The event will begin in room B2 at Merchiston at 4pm on Friday, where the theme and rules will be announced and groups formed.

The action will then move to the Games Lab for a full weekend’s work, culminating in final presentations from 5-7pm on Sunday.

Anyone who wants to take part should register on the jam website.  There is no entrance fee for the event, which is restricted to age 18+.