Get on Board for a brighter future

Inaugural ceremony for Young Professionals as Trustees

Date posted

21 March 2016


Edinburgh Napier University has launched its vibrant student-led Young Professionals as Trustees initiative.

The body comprises 60 students who have successfully completed the Get on Board programme, which places students on the boards of charities, voluntary organisations or public bodies.

The young professionals who have graduated from the programme now form a ‘board bank’ packed with untapped talent and ready to make an impact on their communities while developing skills which will equip them for the workplace.

As well as bringing passion and enthusiasm to boardroom roles, they will also bring down the average age of a trustee from 57.

Last week’s launch event featured a range of speakers including our Business School’s Professor Robert Raeside, Scottish Charity Regulator chief executive David Robb and Susan Wilson, Principal Officer for the US Consulate General.

The student-led event, hosted by Get on Board alumni, also saw Assistant Principal Student Experience Dr Sandra Cairncross present students with their certificates as part of a graduation ceremony.

The award-winning and professionally-accredited Get on Board programme gives students the opportunity to network with professionals and help make decisions which impact on the community.

It aims to nurture professionally-trained students who bring a questioning attitude, diverse thinking and a young person’s perspective to the boardroom while promoting good citizenship among the University’s students.

From this year onwards, the programme will add 40 new young professionals to the Young Professionals as Trustees board bank each year.

Dr Miles Weaver, Business School lecturer and convenor of the Young Professionals as Trustees Board, said: “We are the first University to offer a Get on Board programme and we aim to forge relationships with our Third sector friends and partners across Scotland to extend the number of opportunities for young professionals."