Merchiston to play host to Global Game Jam

No Sleep Till Sunday

Date posted

9 January 2017


Insomniac video game fans will be showcasing their creative skills during a 48-hour marathon event at the Merchiston campus.

Developers, artists, sound designers, musicians, animators and writers are signing up for a weekend of designing and building games from scratch as part of the annual Global Game Jam.

Registration is now open for the 2017 event, which runs from Friday January 20 to Sunday January 22, and is being promoted under the banner NoSleepTillSunday.

It’s free and open to anyone to sign up, and there will be supplies of pizza to help with the process of creating exciting and memorable games.

Organiser Sam Serrels said: “The event offers an opportunity to have a great time and meet lovely people who have a passion for their craft during a crazy 48-hour weekend of games development.

“Programmers and artists of all backgrounds and capabilities are welcome to participate in what will be an intense but enjoyable way to test their skills.

“The Jam is a friendly competition, with a vote at the end for the best game, as well as a great social and learning experience for anyone wanting to get into the games industry.” 

The event, which will be livestreamed and is expected to involve around 70 people, starts at 5pm on Friday 20th in room H9 at Merchiston. It will run in tandem with hundreds of other Jams across the world.

See this web link for further information and footage of last year’s event.

Register here or join the discussion at the Facebook event page

Last Year’s Edinburgh Global Game Jam winner was a game called “Daily Grind”, seen here in the video.