Nothing holding back Sports Coaching student from completing his degree

Date posted

8 July 2022


Neil Atkinson graduated with a degree in Sports Coaching from Edinburgh Napier University this year. His visual impairment meant that things most students take for granted, like completing their readings, took him considerably longer. Despite this Neil has completed his studies to a very high standard, both his tutors and peers describe him as an "inspirational student". Neil Atkinson in graduation gown, holding football and Edinburgh Napier University scroll holder outside Usher Hall.

Neil had many anxieties and apprehensions when starting university, as any young person would, having a visual impairment only added to the normal stresses of starting university. But thanks to the support he received from the university and his peers he says none of his initial fears were actualised.

Neil was supported by Napier throughout his degree, all of his lectures and reading materials were made accessible by the university and his lecturers. Neil also credits his friends, who he suggests offered more support than they themselves realise: "I won’t be able to thank both my lectures and my peers enough for the help and support they gave me".

Neil coaches football and plays for the England Partially Sighted Futsal team and is currently on the performance development pathway. He continues to inspire others with his hard work and determination and works to support the growth of visually impaired sport in Scotland, through work with Scottish Disability Sport, RNIB, and other partner organisations.