Nikki finds her calling in caring for animals

Date posted

8 July 2022


Nikki Mcleod graduated with a bachelor degree in veterinary nursing just 10 days before her 50th birthday, having received her Registered Veterinary Nurse badge 22 years ago. Student Nikki McLeod outside the Usher Hall at her graduation

Nikki received a diagnosis of autism at the age of 45, much of what she had struggled with throughout her life began to make sense. The neurodiverse disability affected her social skills as well as multiple aspects of her life, Nikki found her calling in caring for Animals and has excelled in her career and education.

Nikki completed her degree in four years alongside a busy career, and has been awarded the Meghan Ambrozevich-Blair Prize in recognition of her incredible achievements as a student at Edinburgh Napier University. Nikki has a particular love for cats and achieved the silver certificate from the international society of feline medicine. 

Having been told for much of her school life that she wasn’t good enough and could try harder, Nikki has overcome this and excelled in her career. Her autism diagnosis helped her understand her personal daily struggle and she has excelled in her career and education.

Nikki added: “With the university allowing me to take all the top-up modules over four years instead of two, it made it a lot easier to continue working in a busy small animal practice and study for my other certificates.

“Napier’s disability service was super supportive with regards to my autism and what help I could get. I’m proud to have walked across that stage - even if I’m twice the age of my fellow graduates.”