Staff and students jump in to Big Read initiative

Staff and students are on the case celebrating the launch of this year’s #NapierBigRead

Date posted

15 March 2018


Last updated

14 June 2022

Staff and students from Edinburgh Napier University are on the case celebrating the launch of this year’s #NapierBigRead.

Hundreds of free copies of Detective McLevy’s Casebook, which was produced by Edinburgh Napier students, are being distributed around the University today. The collection of short stories is based on true crimes investigated by Detective McLevy, who is credited as being the real-life inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

Staff and students alike have been picking up their copies at Merchiston this week, ready to get on the trail of the intriguing murder mysteries and find out more about the criminal history of the capital. Other events on the Sighthill and Craiglockhart campuses are set to follow soon.

Sharing Detective McLevy's Casebook across the whole University is aimed at getting staff and students alike discussing the same book, sharing insight and bringing people together.

Avril Gray, programme leader of MSc Publishing, said: “We have been absolutely delighted by the response – even before the book launch, boxes were being opened and books taken away to read. Of course, this didn't fit in with our grand release plans, but I love the way that students and staff have taken books into their own hands! Ownership of the Napier Big Read is exactly what this year's campaign is about. I hope people enjoy the book and we look forward to hearing their thoughts.

“I’ve been working at Edinburgh Napier University for some time and what continually strikes me is how this University really celebrates the work and achievements of our students. This year the Napier Big Read is actually a book our students produced!

“Other students are getting the chance to read it, to discuss it, and to use it to shout about the great work they are doing. I’ve loved making new connections with other staff and students, and finding out about what students on other programmes are achieving.”

Regarding the decision to choose Detective McLevy’s Casebook, she added: “It is truly student-led. Our students asked other students what they wanted in the book – so even the size was decided by students!

“One of the reasons we chose it is that it is set in Edinburgh. Another reason is that it shines a light on the real Sherlock Holmes! Detective McLevy was a real detective working the streets of Edinburgh and was the acknowledged inspiration for Sherlock Holmes.”

The launch of this year's #NapierBigRead

Sarah Marks, MSc Publishing student and Napier Big Read communications manager, said: “The Napier Big Read is an incredibly rewarding project for us to be involved with. It offers us a chance to put our learning into practice and explore different roles in the industry.

“The whole team is really excited to be able to finally share this great book with students and staff. We hope Detective McLevy's Casebook gets people talking and helps to foster a sense of community across the university.”

The Napier Big Read book launch comes only a few weeks after staff and students from across the University donated almost 1,000 books to Edinburgh charity streetreads, which gives books to homeless readers.

Founder Rachel Cowan recently visited the Merichston campus to pick up some of the books and said the charity was “incredibly grateful” for the donation.

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