Transport Research Institute will help deliver SUNRISE

Euro research project to tackle mobility challenges 

Date posted

30 January 2017


Edinburgh Napier will be involved in an exciting new European research initiative aimed at tackling urban mobility challenges.

The Transport Research Institute (TRI) has been handed a key role in the Horizon 2020 project SUNRISE; Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods - Research and Implementation Support in Europe.

Experts will support districts in a range of towns and cities across Europe working towards individual targets like reducing private car use, breathing new life into public space or encouraging the use of public transport.

SUNRISE will deal with mobility issues at urban district level through “neighbourhood mobility labs”.

Local communities will become proactively involved, with stakeholders not normally involved in public decisions helping to identify problems and solutions, and evaluate results.

It is hoped SUNRISE will deliver new planning processes and new organisational and governance concepts.

SUNRISE will see six ‘action neighbourhoods’ – Southend-on-Sea, Hulsberg (Bremen), Baka (Jerusalem), Zuglo (Budapest), Lindangen (Malmo) and NeoRysio (Thessaloniki) – getting involved in the highly participatory ‘co-creation’ process with residents and stakeholders.

The TRI is among expert partners from across Europe which will offer support in identifying local needs and developing new transport solutions.

TRI will lead the work package on co-evaluation with a budget of €340k, with university staff Christiane Bielefeldt and Achille Fonzone actively involved in the preparation of the project.

Expected to start in May, it has been awarded €4M by the EU and will last four years.

Please contact Achille at for further information.

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