Library Membership constitutes an undertaking to observe the University’s Regulations and those, which relate specifically to use of University facilities, Information Services as existing, and any amendments, which may from time to time be approved by the Academic Board.


In these regulations:
• ‘Item’ covers all types of library material, books, laptops, electronic resources etc.
• Borrowing refers to all item’s transactions, borrowing, renewing, returning & requesting.
• ‘Director of Information Services’ includes any member of Information Services staff acting on their behalf.

Admission and registration

1. All staff and matriculated students at the University are entitled to use library services, which cease on termination of course of study or employment contract.
2. Alumni of the University may continue to use some library services after leaving the University.
3. Membership may also be extended to members of organisations with which the University has agreed arrangements, and members of the public.
4. Information Services are required to process personal data of all persons registered with the library in order to facilitate their membership, please read the relevant Privacy Notice for full details.
5. University staff and student and external member cards enable access to the buildings and function as a library card.
6. Cards are not transferable; the card holder is responsible for all items borrowed on it and liable for any charges accrued for late return of items, and in the event of loss or damage, for the cost of their replacement.
7. Communications from the Library, including courtesy, overdue and billing notices, are sent by email to University staff and student email addresses, and to the email address notified by external members. Any notice sent to the last reported email address will be deemed to have been received by the user.

Behaviour in the Libraries

1. Libraries are places of study and members’ behaviour should reflect this and respect the needs of other users.
2. Libraries are generally zoned into Collaborative, Quiet and / or Silent areas and clearly signed as such.
Collaborative = normal level group discussion
Quiet areas = minimal, work-related conversation is permitted.
Silent areas = no noise is permitted
It may not be possible to create separate zones in some of the libraries.
3. Members may use mobile phones and other personal devices while studying but must be sensitive to the needs of others.
4. In Quiet / Silent areas, phones and other devices should be set to Silent, and the volume of headphones kept low to avoid disturbing other users. The use of mobile phones in Silent areas is NOT permitted,
5. Personal equipment which requires to be connected to the mains electrical supply may be subject to electrical testing.
6. Library users are advised to refrain from eating and drinking in the library. 
7. Personal possessions must not be left unattended in the Library. The University does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to members’ property.
8. Class visits to the Library must be arranged in conjunction with the Information & Operations Manager or the relevant Subject Librarian.
9. Filming, photography, or similar activities within the Library require the prior permission of the Director of Information Services or their representative.
10. No animals other than Assistive dogs are allowed on University property.
11. Children (under the age of 16) must be accompanied by a responsible adult who ensures that the children’s behaviour complies with the Library, and University regulations
12. Library Group Study Rooms including Family Study Room can be  booked and used by students only
13. Members who are judged by Information Services staff to be creating a disturbance or behaving in an offensive manner will be required to modify their behaviour or to leave the Library. 
14. No sleeping in any Library spaces at any point. Healthy sleep habits are important for successful studying, and we encourage you not to misuse the extended opening hours of the spaces.
15. Members who are referred by Information Services staff to other Libraries must adhere to the regulations and conditions of use of that Library. Failure to do so could affect the use and access to Edinburgh Napier University Libraries.

Using Library and Computing services

1. Members must observe appropriate copyright legislation and regulations in respect of all materials. Further guidance is available from Library web pages.
2. Use of computer-based services is subject to the University’s Information Security Policies
3. Software and electronic data are licensed for educational use only and must not be used for commercial purposes, including some student placement activities.
4. Some license conditions may restrict access to software and electronic resources for certain categories of member.
5. Wilful misuse of any University equipment may result in membership of the Library being terminated.

Borrowing materials from the Library

1. All items borrowed from the Library must be recorded on the Library Management System through a self-service kiosk or by a member of staff.
2. Materials left in out-of-hours returns boxes will be returned by a member of Library staff.
3. The number of items which a member may borrow will vary depending on the type of membership.
4. Not all loan categories will be available to all categories of membership.
5. Books on loan may be renewed automatically for up to 4 months if not required for another member, and the loan period may vary in response to demand.
6. Laptops and some other materials may not be renewed.
7. If another member requires an item, it may be recalled from the original borrower, even within its legitimate loan period.
8. Items must be returned by the date specified, if unable to return material on time, members must contact the Library immediately.
9. Members who use the Postal Loans Service will be responsible for the payment of postage for the return of borrowed items to the Library.
10. Requests for items on loan or held in another campus may be made via the catalogue, and members will be notified when the item is ready for collection. While making every effort to fill requests, the Library cannot guarantee this service. Requests may not be available to all categories of member.
11. Fines will be charged for late return of recalled items. 
12. Members who dispute a fine or charge may submit a Fine Appeal which will be considered by the Director of Information Services or their representative.
13. In the event of members failing to return items, an invoicing procedure will be invoked. The Library will deem the item to be lost and will generate a Lost Item Bill for the replacement cost of the item, and administrative charges, if the invoice is posted. The invoice will be payable immediately, unless the item is returned.
14. In the event of members failing to return items or pay the replacement fee, debt will be passed to Credit Control team.
15. If an invoice is paid and the item subsequently returned within one calendar year, the Library will consider refunding all or part of any payment.
16. Members are responsible for all Library materials in their care, must not mark or damage them in any way, and will normally be required to pay for any damage to, or loss of, any such materials or part thereof.
17. If an item is found to be damaged on return, an invoicing procedure will be invoked. The Library will invoice the member for the replacement cost of the item. The invoice will be payable immediately, unless the item is replaced.
18. Irrespective of the provisions of any other regulations, all Library materials should be returned to the Library at the end of the maximum loan / renewal period and immediately on termination of membership.
19. Materials borrowed from other libraries are a privilege and the regulations and requirements of the lending institution must be observed. Library regulations relate to all materials borrowed from Edinburgh Napier University Libraries irrespective of whether or not they are normally part of our stock.
20. Any outstanding debt will be processed according to Student Fees and University Debt Policy

Breach of Regulations

1. Edinburgh Napier University’s codes of practice for student and staff discipline require all members of the University to abide by these regulations. Breach of the regulations therefore constitutes an offence under these codes and shall be dealt with according to their provisions. Procedures for dealing with breaches of regulations are published in the University’s codes.
2. A breach of regulations occurs when a member wilfully or persistently ignores the normal arrangements for using or returning Library materials, or the requests of Library staff concerning behaviour in the Library.
3. Behaviour, which is deemed by a member of Library staff to be unsociable, offensive, or intimidating either to the member of staff or to other users of the Libraries, will be considered to be a breach of regulations.
4. Serious offences will be pursued immediately under the University’s codes of discipline and will result in suspension from Library facilities or services pending enquiry. These include wilful destruction; misuse of study spaces, unrecorded borrowing; theft, or concealment of material or equipment; wilful destruction or amendment of software, data, or computing systems; wilfully accessing offensive or illegal materials.
5. External members who breach the regulations will have their membership terminated and will forfeit fees paid to the University. Re-admission to membership will be at the discretion of the Director of Information Services.


Information Services will ensure that all library services are fair and take account of the individual needs of all users.

Any complaints or suggestions for improvements to the service should be addressed to Ben Kieliszek, Information and Operations Manager, Information Services. Tel: 0131 455 2690. Email: