Education and Reading List

The War Poets Collection for Educational Use

The exhibition conserves these materials, preserving the memories and encouraging you to consider the impact of the past on both the present and the future.

In order to develop the educational opportunities of the War Poets Collection and the themes of the exhibition, we have produced complementary educational materials for school pupils of the 5–14 Environmental Studies Social Studies curriculum, and students at National 4 and 5 and Intermediate-2 and Higher level.

These resources offer additional information and interpretation on the exhibition, the war poets, the history of Craiglockhart campus, the effects of the First World War on the soldiers, and the effects of war on society in general.

Reading List

There is also an online reading list below with resources suitable for students and adults who want to explore the First World War and those affected by it.

War Poets Collection Reading List

Are you interested in finding out more about the war poets and other related topics? We've created an online reading list to help you. Just click the link below to view it.