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The resources in this education pack encourage development in skills, knowledge and understanding for pupils at levels D–F of the 5–14 Environmental Studies; Social Subjects Guidelines.


These educational resources can be used in the classroom, at home or at the exhibition. They inspire individual as well as group work and include suggestions for further fun, engaging activities. This resource pack contains: 

Sweet Dreams 

This is a fun, interactive game to develop your pupils' ICT skills and encourage reiterative assessment of their knowledge and understanding. A patient is lying in bed and trying to sleep by counting sheep. Your pupils have to answer questions on Craiglockhart, the First World War and shell shock. If they get an answer wrong, the patient wakes up with shell-shock nightmares. If they get an answer right, the patient counts sheep and sleeps soundly.


This interactive letter game develops your pupils' ICT skills and encourages empathy for people in the past. Some of the words in a letter about a soldier's experiences during the Great War are ‘absent without leave'. Pupils have to select the correct words from the ‘word trench' and drop them into the correct spaces to complete the letter.

In Writing Home 1, pupils look closely at a letter written by an actual soldier on the front to his family at home. First, pupils answer some questions based on a close reading of the letter. Then, putting themselves in the soggy boots of the soldier, try and write his next letter home, staying cheery despite the uncomfortable conditions in the trenches.

In Writing Home 2, pupils complete the worksheet alone or in a group. Looking closely at real letters written by a soldier on the front to his family at Craiglockhart, pupils answer questions and then empathise with the soldier's situation to help him write a postcard home.

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