Provide Science and Solutions to Combat Nature’s Decline 

The Centre for Conservation and Restoration Science (CCRS) is an interdisciplinary research centre committed to delivering innovative science and solutions to help conserve, rebuild and enhance biodiversity and ecosystems.

Ecosystem degradation threatens the well-being of people around the globe and of all the other species with which we share our planet.  Losses of biodiversity and nature’s services already cost 10% of global gross productivity, a price that is predicted to grow rapidly as global pressures increase. The Centre for Conservation and Restoration Science was established in 2022 in response to these challenges. We work at global as well as regional/local level, supporting initiatives such as the United Nations’ Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, and Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and the Edinburgh Declaration 2020 which is re-enforcing Scotland’s ambition to act against biodiversity loss.

Our Approach

The problems of biodiversity loss and global sustainability span disciplines and borders, so solutions must do likewise. Our Centre’s members work in a truly interdisciplinary way. We bring together expertise and experience from Ecology, Environmental Microbiology, Computing, Engineering, Social Sciences, Psychology, the Arts and Creative Industries, Environmental Law and Business. We work closely with external stakeholders, including industry and business partners, decision-makers across government, charities and local communities, and across national and international horizons. 

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Centre Themes

Our work spans terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Please use the following links to explore the Centre:

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Next Generation Scientists and the Wider Society 

Knowledge exchange is fundamental for the success of biodiversity conservation and restoration. We deliver excellent teaching and training, informed by our research, scholarship of teaching and learning (the centre includes experts in pedagogy) and discussions with the next generation. Students keen to engage with the Centre for Conservation and Restoration Science, please contact

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We would love to discuss how we could collaborate and learn from you, to support and achieve shared goals. Do you have an enquiry or would like to get involved? Email us at

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