The Centre for Mind and Creativity Research (CEDAR) considers cognition in a dynamic system, leveraging AI and Robotics, Psychology, Arts and Design, Engineering and Built Environment, across lifespan.

Cognition across lifespan  

Investigation of environmental factors on cognition: examples include incubation (“let it rest”), noise, task switching, making decisions, and other cognitive processes across lifespan.

Dr Lindsey Carruthers, Dr Rory MacLean, Dr Barbara Piotrowska, Dr Elli Drake, Dr Marina Wimmer, Dr Jennifer Murray, Dr Andrew Gallacher, Dr Nina Fisher, Dr Judith Okely, Dr Ian CunninghamDr Colin McGill, Dr Josephine Ross (Dundee University)

Memories and stress and environment

A key gap this theme addresses is understanding the effect of familiarity and stressful events on cognition in changing environments

Dr Faye Skelton, Dr Marina Wimmer, Dr Alex McIntyre, Dr Rory MacLean, Dr Ethan Shapiro, Dr Adam Mahoney, Dr Jennifer Murray

Senses and environment

How multisensory perception changes with age, and greater understanding of changes applied to optimising sensory world around us.

Dr Duncan Carmichael, Dr Marina Wimmer, Prof Pat Langdon, Dr Shufan Yang, Dr Nikos GekasProf Achille FonzoneDr Chris Gillespie

Machines and their operating environments

Developing new methods of flexible algorithm generation approaching human problem solving. New software systems capable of adapting (tuning existing programs) and innovating (generating completely novel programs). Building software that helps people to work together flexibly and creatively while supporting their values.

Prof Emma Hart, Prof Hongnian Yu, Prof Pat LangdonDr Nicolas Pugeault (Glasgow University), Dr Sinan Kalkan (Middle East Technical University)Dr Md Zia Ullah, Dr Yanchao Yu, Prof Ashkan Sami, Prof Berk Canberk, Prof Achille Fonzone  

Buildings and environment

Designing flexible buildings and designing cities to accommodate environmental changes in the environment and user requirements, assess impact of design choice by building models: pre- and post-construction. Biodiversity conservation and people’s perceptions, urban and building design and biodiversity.

Dr Suha Jaradat, Prof Mark DeakinNatalie Regius, Dr Emilio Pagani-NunezDr Inji Kenawy

Climate change and sustainable environment

The work this research theme provides a novel climate, ecology, and energy perspective on creativity and cognitive flexibility in developing and developed environments

Dr Firdaus Muhammad Sukki, Prof Karen DieleDr Emilio Pagani-NunezNatalie Regius

Environment design and arts

How can we design spaces (physically, digitally) to enhance cognitive flexibility and creativity across lifespan (e.g., digital literacy in old age) and inclusive design. 

Dr Peter Buwert, Prof Pat LangdonDr Judith Okely, Dr Michael Wamposzyc, Dr Jamie Chambers (Edinburgh University), Dr Robert Munro (Queen Margaret University)