Creative talent developed at Edinburgh Napier was recognised across several categories at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2021. 

Marli Siu, who graduated in Acting & English six years ago, won Best Actress Film for her performance in Run.Marli Sui in dark dress on stage at the BAFTA Scotland awards

The Edinburgh Napier alum who also starred in Our Ladies, an adaptation of Alan Warner’s novel The Sopranos, played the role of Kelly - a pregnant teenager considering her future - in Run. The action unfolds in a Highland town, where young men dream of escapism through late-night car races. 

Marli Siu’s lecturer during her time at Edinburgh Napier University, Donna Soto-Morettini, testified to Edinburgh Napier’s prowess in developing students: 

“I would advise students who want to study acting to find a course that will give you a broad range of skills. The industry is changing in so many ways and the more you know, the more you can adapt to those changes. Marli studied on our BA (HONS) Acting & English, which gives students a wide range of experiences alongside a vocational training in acting - students on the course focus on their performance skills, but they also learn about directing, study in-depth textual analysis, create their own companies and learn important skills for the business, including budgeting and marketing.”

Also amongst the awards were former students Ben Sharrock and Irune Gurtubai with their feature film Limbo. The alumni director/writer and producer duo won four awards - Actor Film, Writer Film/Television, Director Fiction and Feature Film. 

Limbo tells the story of refugees waiting on a fictional Scottish Island to be granted asylum. The plot focuses on Omar, a young Syrian musician who is burdened by the weight of his grandfather's oud, a traditional stringed instrument, which he has carried all the way from his homeland.