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A student in the music department at Edinburgh Napier University

Aimed at music students aged 14-17, our highly practical online course focuses on creating and producing music while also teaching valuable technical skills in the use of music software. Building on the acclaimed courses we offered last year, this online course will explore music production, recording and music software through a series of project-based learning tasks. Students will use Soundtrap – a free browser-based music application – to work collaboratively with their classmates, and Pro Tools First – which is free to download and is available for Apple and PC computers – to edit and mix their work. The projects explored are adaptable to almost any music software and support can be provided for learners who wish to use their own software. The course will run for 10 weeks and will be taught using a flipped classroom methodology where learners engage with preparative activities before online classes, and then consolidate their learning through completing the project tasks. A Moodle Community virtual learning environment will support students' learning through interaction with tutors, participants, and online resources, and through sharing their own work and critiquing the work of others. The projects will cover:

  • Found Sound

  • Remixing

  • Editing and Mixing

  • Songwriting

The course has been created to compliment SQA Music Technology qualifications in secondary school, whilst providing additional depth and context to learning in this area.

Corin Anderson, Course Tutor discusses the Music Tech Academy in more detail

How you'll be taught

This online course lasts for 10 weeks. Each week you’ll receive access to a series of preparatory materials to introduce projects and audio production concepts. These will include guest lectures from specialists in music production and composition who teach on the BA Popular Music programme. There will be a two-hour online class on Saturday mornings (from 10:00-12:00), where the preparatory materials will be contextualised and you will be given time to collaborate and share your work. Following these classes, you will be required to consolidate your learning through completing the various projects and sharing your work for feedback from tutors and peers.

Course fee

£100 per term

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James Sanderson“I would definitely recommend this course to others. It has enabled me to develop my skill level in the use of different DAW software and to be able to confidently edit and mix music. In addition, the projects have provided me with skills and ideas to use in my National 5 and Higher Music Technology studies.”

- James Sanderson, Music Tech Academy student 2019 and 2020

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1st of 35 - The Guardian University Guide 2022, 1st of 43 - The Complete University Guide 2022, 1st of 41 - The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021