Eric Liddell Centre

Our Partnership

Our Partnership with the Eric Liddell Centre, a charity that provides specialist caring services in Edinburgh, began in 2017 and involves students from Television, Music and Photography courses.

Students have taken part in a range of creative projects, from music therapy sessions for people living with dementia, to a project to trigger memory and creatively engage clients and carers using the medium of photography.

Our film-making students have also worked with the ELC to create short documentary films, including A day in the life of May Johnston, and a piece on their befriending scheme.

Latest News

Creative project between Edinburgh Napier and Eric Liddell Centre shines spotlight on living with condition.

What our partners say

"We are delighted to be able to provide practical learning experiences for the students at Edinburgh Napier. The projects involving our attendees of both Lunch Breaks and Day Care have added a new dimension to our exisiting enrichment activities. We all enjoy the fresh and vibrant energy that the students bring with them into the centre."

- Lee Deane, development manager, Eric Liddell Centre

What our students say

“Working at Eric Liddell was one of the most rewarding experiences during university. Not only did I learn and develop important skills; I also had the chance to give something back to Andy and Sheila, the couple I worked with. To me that is very important, to help others through my work, my photography.

"Once a week we used to meet and take photographs, learn how to use a DSLR camera, exchange gifts and talk about the past. The relationship with Andy and Sheila grew beautifully and quickly and when I proposed to have them as my main subject for a longer-term documentary project, they happily agreed. So after ending the placement, I kept visiting them almost weekly for four months. Besides visiting them at home, Andy would sometimes pick me up in his car and show me areas in Edinburgh such as Colinton, The Parish Church, Queensferry Crossing, places rich in history for him and Sheila. All the activities had the role of reminiscing and learning photography.

"I still keep meeting with them every now and then at the Friday lunch sessions at the Eric Liddell Centre. I am very glad I chose this project as it was a very rewarding experience.”

- Theodor Asoltanei, fourth year photography student


Our 2019 collaboration with Eric Liddell saw our TV students speak with Befriending volunteer, Bob, about his experiences with the Befriending programme.